You Are The Solution to Gun Violence

We need to find a better solution to gun violence because guns are here, and they are here to stay.

The policies in place now are failing as well: A mad man murdered twelve people in a government building 500 feet from two police stations. An armed school guard refused to protect students on his watch. Gun free zones continue to be soft targets. Police officers are under no legal obligation to protect you. We are living in a post-gun control world, but our media and our politicians seem unaware, or unwilling to discuss what that means in practice.

We can no longer be spectators to our own communities.

The question can no longer be: what is Harrisburg doing to combat violence in our communities? Instead ask: what am I doing to combat violence in my community? Am I building positive relationships outside the internet? Am I involved at the institutions at the bedrock of my community? When was the last time I was part of a Norman Rockwell type moment that benefited my community? Am I demonstrating to others that there is something to live for? Am I demonstrating the good in humanity to struggling young people?



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Conner Drigotas

Conner Drigotas


pro liberty. Director of Comms and Development at a law firm. Adjunct Professor at a university. all opinions are my own.