Tim Silfies is Much Needed in Congress

www.timsilfies.com (with permission)

The more I learn, the more I like about Congressional Candidate Tim Silfies.

I was first introduced to Tim by Alex Humanick, a passionate advocate for more transparent government who was well known in our friend group for his almost constant frustration with candidates who talked the talk, but did not walk unless a special interest paid them to do so.

“You’ve got to meet this guy” Alex told me, “he’s the real deal.”

Alex, Tim, and me

The first time I met him, I knew “Something Different” was more than a campaign slogan — it’s a campaign choice and a breath of fresh air, a welcome difference from partisan finger-pointing.

He is unique. He doesn’t just talk. He listens and offers tangible specific policy ideas to improve the Lehigh Valley. He was born here, raised here and knows this district.

While the other candidates are waiting at the beck and call of the deep pockets and PACs funding them, Silfies rolls up his sleeves and talks to people. His funds come from our neighbors, friends and families who are looking for better representation.

He left his job as WFMZ’s small-business reporter to run in this race and he knocks on more than 200 doors every day, meeting with people and offering something different.

I didn’t write this letter to discuss his policies — they are thorough and easily found online — but to comment on his character, passion and care for our home. Tim Silfies’ approach to public service is needed in Washington. He has earned my vote this November.

200 word version also featured in the Morning Call newspaper


pro liberty. Director of Comms and Development at a law firm. Adjunct Professor at a university. all opinions are my own. www.ConnerDrigotas.com

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