New Book Launched: Work for Liberty

Conner Drigotas
2 min readOct 6, 2020


There are a lot of people in the world who care about liberty, and only a small number of them are getting paid to pursue that passion. I want to change that. If you want to see the world become more free, if you want to be part of the positive change this world needs: I wrote this book for you.

“Work for Liberty” is now available on Amazon. It’s a resource guide to help you find jobs, internships, fellowships, and community in the liberty movement.

I wrote this book because you should be getting paid to pursue liberty.

Conservatives, libertarians, and everyone who wants to advance liberty, this resource guide is a gateway to a community, and your next job, internship, and networking opportunity.

This book is a step-by-step guide full of links to resources, practical tools, and insight to help you get where you want to be — faster.

As a university professor, I’ve seen many students struggle with interview strategies, cover letters, and resumes. We all need a refresher. This resource guide can help you ace behavioral interview questions, get your resume to the top of the pile, and avoid the rookie mistakes that are holding you back.

This is more than a book, we’re growing a community. Our Discord server ( ) is filling up with people who are working to help each other find jobs, get better connections, and support each other to advance liberty.

This is a formal invitation. As a reader of my work, you’ll be in good company. Come join the community and help liberty grow!

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