Five Tactics: How Libertarians Can Win

The American battle to advance liberty is facing an uphill fight.

ONE: Commit To The Big Tent

Is the goal to advance liberty? Or is the goal to advance the Libertarian Party?

TWO: Acknowledge The Flaws

The Libertarian Party has never won a federal election. No seats in Congress, not the Presidency. The Libertarian Party has never successfully elected a Governor, or a State Representative (though the Libertarian Party has been a home for elected representatives switching parties.)

THREE: Build Coalitions

Conservatives and libertarians are, historically, not good at building coalitions and grassroots organizations. There are exceptions like Americans for Prosperity, various PAC’s, the State Policy Network, among others, but they are newer organizations in need of more liberty groups to interconnect with.

FOUR: Data, Data, Data

Among the worst habits in libertarian campaigns for office is the need to reinvent the wheel. In all but two campaigns I have worked on in the last ten years, candidates are starting from scratch in terms of collecting signatures, identifying key voters, and using data to narrow their focus to “likely” and “persuadable” voters. If Libertarians continue to reinvent the wheel, there will be no traction, and nothing to build on.

FIVE: Win Where It Counts

The principle of liberty has stood the test of time better than any other, in American politics and in human history. While the Democrats were passing the Defense of Marriage Act, the Libertarians have supported marriage equality since their inception. Where the Republicans have lost their way on fiscal responsibility, the Libertarians have remained principled. The ideas are sound, and well organized. The races won, however, boil down to a small section of the LP printed newsletter every year.

Is It Too Late For Liberty?

The answer is no — there is still time, and the future of liberty depends on you as an individual to take a stand for the American ideals inherent in liberty — freedom and fairness.



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Conner Drigotas

Conner Drigotas


pro liberty. Director of Comms and Development at a law firm. Adjunct Professor at a university. all opinions are my own.