Dan Crenshaw Cracks Under Gun Grabber Pressure

Originally published at https://connerdrigotas.com on August 6, 2019.

Following the shootings in Texas and Ohio, another high-ranking Republican Congressman has now dismissed the importance of the Second Amendment. Via twitter, Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) expressed his support for two major forms of gun control. First, the TAPS Act, which militarizes the police and will profile American citizens. Crenshaw is also advocating for Red Flag laws, which confiscate legally owned guns while circumventing the foundational principle of due process.

In his tweets, Crenshaw mimicked many gun control activists who have been calling for such measures for years. The modern movement toward invalidating American’s fundamental right to self-defense currently stretches from local officials, city councils, and grassroots groups, all the way to the Governors of some states.

Crenshaw is just one of many GOP officials now in favor of curtailing the Second Amendment. My own Senator, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, is advocating for similar measures.

At the top of the political food chain, President Donald Trump has set the tone for the GOP. He has spoken out in support of banning suppressors (silencers), has banned bump stocks, has openly dismissed due process, and, in the wake of this recent tragedy, is suggesting that background checks and red flag laws be used to further limit ownership and access to the fundamental right to self defense.

The Second Amendment in Jeopardy

Despite being called “the future of conservatism, “ Crenshaw has outed himself as willing to sacrifice his principles for political expediency. In 2019, calling for limits on gun ownership is an easy path to free media. Instead of promoting greater firearm education, addressing mental health concerns, and working to strengthen our communities, Crenshaw appears to be making a bid for the short term.

The Second Amendment is in jeopardy. There is pressure to change or eliminate the text, which would endanger American citizen’s right to protect themselves. This legislative push is particularly ironic considering advances in technology. Gun control is impossible when people can manufacture firearms on the black market. The result of the proposed legislative action would disarm law-abiding citizens, and do nothing to curb gun violence.

Maybe Dan Crenshaw is the future of the conservative movement, but not of the gun rights movement.

pro liberty. Director of Comms and Development at a law firm. Adjunct Professor at a university. all opinions are my own. www.ConnerDrigotas.com

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